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Headquartered in Miami, FL with branches around the world, Virtual Zone is an independently owned and operated technology wholesaler. We source our products direct from the manufacturers to ensure our clients receive authentic cellphones, mobile electronics, and more.

María Lara
María LaraCEO & Founder
Ana Guisao
Ana GuisaoSales and Purchase Manager
Raul Machado
Raul MachadoPurchases/Sales Assistant
Claudia Rueda
Claudia RuedaAdministrative Assistant
Angela Cajiao
Angela CajiaoAdministrative Assistant
Joelsy Martínez
Joelsy MartínezOperations Manager
Manuela Rivera
Manuela RiveraSales/Operations Assistant
Christian Sepúlveda
Christian SepúlvedaPurchase Executive
Alejandra Durango
Alejandra DurangoSales Executive
Lilian Rojas
Lilian RojasBilling/Operations Assistant
Yurimar Valero
Yurimar ValeroBilling Assistant
Hermeneck Alarcon
Hermeneck AlarconLogistics Assistant
Sebastian Jaramillo
Sebastian JaramilloLogistics Assistant